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Magnetic Pick up tool green and red

From $25.00
Ideal to use in the shop, auto repair garage or kitchen.


This is the perfect tool to save your back from bending to pick up parts that dropped. This is one of the handiest tools in the shop and it's small enough to keep it in your pocket. The powerful rare earth magnet attached to the 21" extendable shaft will pick up 8 lbs and is perfect for finding small parts, chuck jaws, chuck keys, nuts, screws, wrenches and other items that frequently end up lost in sawdust and shavings around the shop.

Chrome plated. Measures 5 3/8" long, and 3/4" in diameter at its widest point. The acrylic handle was lathe turned from a polyurethane blank I made.

Due to the strong magnet, do not use or place this tool around or near any electronic devices such as a cell phone, computers, electric watches, Ipod, Ipad or similar devices.
This magnet will not pick up brass, bronze or stainless steel parts, it is very effective for picking up carbon steel parts.